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Elmer E. Stafford to Walt Whitman, 9 November 1877

 loc_jc.00371_large.jpg Dear sir.

I am well and hope you the same1 I would be very glad to see you as i did expect to come down [damage] you to day or i would of wrote sooner. and if nothing hapins​ I will be down next wensday​ night and stay until thursday night I would like very much to see you you must rite​ right a way​ and tell me how you are a getting along I would like to be with you all the time if i could i would like very much to go with you on your trip to washington. we are very buisy​ husking just now and will be fore​ a few days and we will have nothing to do for a while)


I am in a hurry i cant rite​ any so it is good by​ i hope you well

Elmer E. Stafford Glendale To Walt. Whitman NJ


  • 1. Elmer E. Stafford (1861–1957) was Harry Stafford's cousin (see Daybooks and Notebooks, ed. William White [New York: New York University Press, 1978], 1:76 n232). [back]
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