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Van Doran Stafford to Walt Whitman, 28 May 1882

 loc_gt.00017_large.jpg Dear Walt

I thought I would write a few lines to let you know how I am a getting along & how I like the Steam Boat. I like it middling well but cant tell much about it yet. We expect to take a trip to New Berg on Tuesday next. Perhaps I can tell you more about it after we start.

(I have had a verry good time Uncle Vandoran and I is getting ready to go out to Central Park this after noon  loc_gt.00018_large.jpg for tomorrow we have got to go to work and wont be apt to get anether chance to go soon. I have received to letters from home. they say they are all well & Ruth says she will have a situation for me when i get home to scrub and wash dishes when she rote​ to me she wanted to know if I had to scrub.

I have rode all around New York on the elevated Rail Way & have seen grand times. We dont know weather the Boat will run up to long Branch or not they will try at new burg  loc_gt.00019_large.jpg firs & if it pay they will continue on all Summer. You must come on to New York this summer and take a trip with us, that is if I stay here. You must excuse m​ writing & spelling for I am in a hurry to get off to the park.

Write Soon and let me know how you are

I will try & write a little more abou thing next time

I write & send my love to you, hopeing to herr​ from you Soon,


Directions 439 East 23rd st Steamer (Plymoth) Rock New York

From your friend. Van  loc_gt.00020_large.jpg  loc_gt.00015_large.jpg [fro]m Van Stafford New York May 29 '82  loc_gt.00016_large.jpg
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