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G. Jarrell to Walt Whitman, 15 September 1890


A Day of Small Things.1 You were a "Nurse" in 1861. You are the biggist of humbug Poets of this or precedent generation!

G. Jarrell. 164 Willis Ave.2 New York  loc_vm.00401_large.jpg see notes 9/16/90

Little is known about G. Jarrell. Upon seeing this postal card, Horace Traubel referred to Jarrell as a "New York fanatic" (With Walt Whitman in Camden, Tuesday, September 16, 1890).


  • 1. This postcard is addressed: Mr Whitman | Camden. | N.J. It is postmarked: New York | SEP 15 | 430 PM | Camden, N.J. | SEP 16 | 6 AM | 1890 | REC'D. [back]
  • 2. Jarrell writes his address upside down at the top of this postal card. [back]
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