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C.B. Whitman to Walt Whitman, 31 January 1878

 loc_vm.00838_large.jpg Mr Walter Whitman Esq. Dear Sir,

I am gathering facts and data for a "History of the Whitman Family"

Will you be so kind as to give me a history of your line as far back as you can trace them definitely.

Please state names and when and where your great-grandfather & gr. gd.mother were born married and died; when & where your grandfather and grandmother were born m. & d.; when & where their children, (your uncles and aunts) were b. m. & d. & when & where your father and mother were b. m. & d. and when & where their children were b. & m. or died or where now living giving in each case the maiden name of the wives and the names of  loc_vm.00837_large.jpgtheir parents as far as possible.

Please give all names and all dates in full as far as possible.

Please give occupation, profession, the offices any have held in Church or State, their character and any incidents in the lives of the different members of the family, and any other interesting particulars you may know.

Also as far as you can give the address of each head of a family of all the descendants of your grandfather or greatgrandfathergreat grandfather, who will be the best, to give further information.

I write to you as I know you are better fitted by many years of writing to undertake the task of giving an account of your ancestor and his descendants; and perhaps it may be well to send me a preliminary outline or chart of the family and their connection, with dates of birth, mar. & deaths.


Time is short and every one; who have not grown indifferent as to their earthly origin and who would honor their progenitors; should set about preserving the records of their families.

Wishing you health and prosperity and hoping to hear from you,

I remain very truly, Yours, C.B. Whitman 12 Atlantic St. So. Boston, Mass.  loc_vm.00835_large.jpg  loc_vm.00840_large.jpg If not delivered return to C.B. Whitman 12 Atlantic St. So Boston Mass. from CB Whitman | Boston Feb 1 '78  loc_vm.00839_large.jpg
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