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Walt Whitman to George M. Williamson, 22 September 1887

 loc_vm.01403_large.jpg Dear Sir

Yours rec'd with the $5 in advance for "November Boughs"1—The book is not printed yet, but is contemplated before long. Thank you for the papers that come occasionally, always acceptable & new—I do not know what "letter" you allude to in a late "Tribune"

I send some scraps, MS. and autographs.

Thanks & good bye for the present—

Walt Whitman  loc_vm.01404_large.jpg

George M. Williamson (b. 1850) was a New York book collector who contacted Whitman several times about purchasing manuscripts, and later published Catalogue of A Collection of Books, Letters, and Manuscripts written by Walt Whitman, in the Library of George M. Williamson, Grand View on Hudson (New York: The Marion Press, 1903). Other items in Williamson's collection, which was sold at auction in 1908, included George Washington's copy of Don Quixote, a presentation copy of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's "Evangeline," Nathaniel Hawthorne's annotated copy of The Scarlet Letter, and "a very remarkable collection of Walt Whitman's works" (The George M. Williamson Collection [Anderson Galleries, Inc., 1908]).


  • 1. The letter appears to be lost. [back]
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