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George M. Williamson to Walt Whitman, 7 June 1888

 loc_vm.01405_large.jpg Dear Mr Whitman

In the last six months I have sent you a $5 note two or three times. The last one on May 31st but not hearing that they have reached you, have come to the conclusion that perhaps they have gone astray, and am sorry that I did not send them in the form of a check (which I will do in the future) I would be obliged if you would let me know, Have they come to hand? Also how your health is

And Obey You GM Williamson  loc_vm.01406_large.jpg  loc_vm.01407_large.jpg  loc_vm.01408_large.jpg

George M. Williamson (b. 1850) was a New York book collector who contacted Whitman several times about purchasing manuscripts, and later published Catalogue of A Collection of Books, Letters, and Manuscripts written by Walt Whitman, in the Library of George M. Williamson, Grand View on Hudson (New York: The Marion Press, 1903). Other items in Williamson's collection, which was sold at auction in 1908, included George Washington's copy of Don Quixote, a presentation copy of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's "Evangeline," Nathaniel Hawthorne's annotated copy of The Scarlet Letter, and "a very remarkable collection of Walt Whitman's works" (The George M. Williamson Collection [Anderson Galleries, Inc., 1908]).


  • 1. This letter is addressed: Mr Walt Whitman | Camden | N. J. It is postmarked: NEW YORK | JUN 7 | [illegible] | 88; CAMDEN. NJ | JUN | 7 | 4PM | 88 | REC'D. [back]
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