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John W. Wroth to Walt Whitman, 1 January 1891

 loc_vm.01575.jpg My Dear Mr Whitman

I can not let the New Year go by, without wishing you "A Happy, Happy New Year" and a lot of them I feel sure, that if you could enjoy all the New Years that your friends, would like to see you enjoy—that you would have eternal life— loc_vm.01577.jpg  loc_vm.01576.jpg I expect to make a visit to Camden in a few months, and look forward with a good deal of pleasure to calling on you—

Affectionately yours Jn. W. Wroth 4 W 90 St New York  loc_vm.01578.jpg

John W. ("Johnny") Wroth was the younger son of Mrs. Caroline Wroth, who was the wife of a Philadelphia importer, at whose residence (319 Stevens Street, Camden) Whitman took his meals for a period of time beginning in July 1881. Johnny moved with his mother and his brother James Henry ("Harry") Wroth to Albuquerque, New Mexico, soon after, and Whitman kept in touch with them.

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