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of these poems


Textual Feature Appearance
Overwritten brown with strikethrough
Added inline purple with double underline
Uncertain gray with wavy underline
Supplied from another source turquoise with brackets
Metamark green with triple underline
Long deletion gray background with top and bottom border
  [begin leaf 1 recto]

[cut away] of these poems [cut away] drawn to of the element of sympathy we [cut away] should say it was sympathy.—if to pride [cut away] should say it was pride.—If to their love of the [cut away] we should say it was the love of the body.—If to their spiritualism we say it is their spiritualism.—Not one instant is the soul forgotten, nor immortality forgotten, nor eternity forgotten.—

Who is there that is not touched on the lips with a kiss?

He demands a reality of literature.—He will have nothing splendid or pretty or startling or new or talented, but honest truths.—If they are at the roots, he says, there is a live growth; but all else all is of no avail.—There must can be no romances or fancy works, no grotesque ornament, no put on politeness

  [begin leaf 1 verso]
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