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Ellen M. Abdy-Williams to Walt Whitman, 16 March 1885

 loc_vm.02435.jpg Two vols.​ L of G and S D sent [illegible] March 31 '85 Dear Sir

The P.O. people here say they have heard nothing of your books. Can they be detained at the P.O. on yr. side of the water?

Yrs​ faithfully Ellen M. Abdy Williams Walt Whitman Rejected MSS. cannot be returned unless cover in Postage Stamps accompanies them.  loc_vm.02436.jpg EMA Williams

Ellen Mary Abdy-Williams (1857–1937) was a British author and journalist, who began editing the literary periodical Time in 1885. She was married to education reformer Bernhard Whishaw (1857–1914) and published some of her work as "Mrs. Bernhard Whishaw."

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