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Walt Whitman Storms to Walt Whitman, 1 September 1877

 loc_gt.00219_large.jpg Mr Whitman My dear friend

Your letter of May [damage] from Kirkwood was duly recd​ but as I dislike writing letters, & have been pretty busy I hope you will pardon my delay.1

I believe I told you in my last letter of my intention to become, if possible, an engineer,

My intention still holds good, but despite all my efforts, I have failed to obtain a situation

I suppose the trouble lies in my not being  loc_gt.00221_large.jpg  loc_gt.00220_large.jpg acquainted with men of that class, so for the present I will have to take things as they come.

I was in N.Y.​ the first of the week & saw Uncle Geo.—he is working off & on, for Uncle John, & the Ryers.

I hope you will still be able to mak​ that long expected visit.

If you are able to come this fall I will meet you, in N.Y.​ at any time

We are all well, & things go on about as usual, with the exception that times seem to get worse & worse.

Your loving friend, Walt [damage]  loc_gt.00222_large.jpg  loc_gt.00217_large.jpg  loc_gt.00218_large.jpg


  • 1. Walt Whitman Storms (probably born in 1858; see the letter from Herman Storms to Walt Whitman, January 11, 1865) was the son of Herman Storms (1822–1898) and the nephew of George Storms (1829–1886), both New York drivers. [back]
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