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John Phillips Street to Walt Whitman, 16 July 1891

 loc_gt.00227_large.jpg Walt Whitman, Esq.,— Dear Sir:—

Your advertising circular which you send me gives me much of the information I want & I thank you for it.1 However my pocket-book just at present is in such a condition that I will have to content myself with a cheaper edition. If it is not troubling you too much, can you not recommend to me some cheaper edition of your complete poems, sold for $2 or $3.20

Yours very truly, John Phillips Street  loc_gt.00228_large.jpg  loc_gt.00229_large.jpg  loc_gt.00230_large.jpg

John Phillips Street (1869–1938) earned a B.S. at Rutgers College in New Brunswick, New Jersey, in 1889 and worked at the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station; he wrote on agricultural science.


  • 1. According to a note Whitman wrote at the top of Street's July 13, 1891, letter, Whitman sent Street a circular listing his books and their prices. Whitman also wrote Street on July 14, 1891, recommending Walt Whitman (1883), a biography of the poet by the Canadian physician Richard Maurice Bucke. [back]
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