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William C. Church to Walt Whitman, 25 March 1868

 loc_tb.00608.jpg My Dear Sir

Your proof came to​ late for us to make the corrections & I return it so that you can transfer them to this proof before sent. Our type has been cast with plates. We are printing a large edition of the May no & have been forced to [illegible] things

Truly Yours W. C. Church  loc_tb.00610.jpg  loc_tb.00609.jpg

William Conant Church (1836–1917), journalist and publisher, was a correspondent for several New York newspapers until he founded the Army and Navy Journal in 1863. With his brother Francis Pharcellus Church (1839–1906), he established the Galaxy in 1866. Financial control of the Galaxy passed to Sheldon & Company in 1868, and it was absorbed by the Atlantic Monthly in 1878. William published a biography of his life-long friend Ulysses S. Grant in 1897. See Edward F. Grier, "Walt Whitman, the Galaxy, and Democratic Vistas," American Literature, 23 (1951–1952), 332–350; Donald N. Bigelow, William Conant Church & "The Army and Navy Journal" (New York: Columbia University Press, 1952); J. R. Pearson, Jr., "Story of a Magazine: New York's Galaxy, 1866–1878," Bulletin of the New York Public Library, 61 (1957), 217–237, 281–302.

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