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Walt Whitman to George and Susan Stafford, 21 December [1883]

 loc_jc.00536_large.jpg Dear friends1

Although I suppose you hear from Harry I will send you this letter rec'd​ by me last evn'g​ as it may interest you—I am about as usual. Susan I rec'd​ your letter & was glad to get it. I am writing a little. The wintry weather & bad traveling keep me in more than I like—

Merry Christmas to you & George & all— W W

Susan I enclose an envelope with the right direction so you can write to Harry

 loc_jc.00533_large.jpg My Dear Old Friend:

Your postals came "OK" and found me pretty well. Was glad to hear from you, even though it was through a postal: as you know, I am down on that kind of business and never pay any attention to them only from you, but it pleases me now to even get that much from an old friend. As I have told you the position I now have is not a desirable one but better than nothing. Have only saw Dr. Bucke once since he came home, that is privately, and that was the day after he arrived. He then said he would by and get something better for me. Will remain  loc_jc.00534_large.jpg  loc_jc.00535_large.jpg here until we find the prospects and if nothing better promises will go to Detroit and from there to Chicago. I am determined to make a hit somewhere and dont​ forget it. I havent had a blue spell yet and think I can get along without any. By the time I receive this months pay I will be in easy circum, financially and will decide on a turn and let you know. I think I can manage to get pretty well over the N.Y.​ and Canada by working here and there. I love to travel and see. We have a deep snow here, fell a week ago. Haven't heard from home directly but once since my arrival. With lots of love and a good old time kiss I am ever your boy


Write me a letter soon.


  • 1. Whitman wrote this letter on the back of a letter to him from Harry Stafford, written on December 17 and sent from London, Ontario. [back]
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