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James R. Osgood & Company to Walt Whitman, 4 May 1882

 loc_nk.00424_large.jpg Walt Whitman Esq. Dear Sir

We beg to confirm our letter of 13th April, to which we have received no reply.

In as much as calls for the book in small numbers are coming to us from day to day and under the circumstances we find ourselves unable to fill them, it seems to us that in the interest of  loc_nk.00425_large.jpg  loc_nk.00426_large.jpg all concerned this matter should be settled speedily.

Yours very truly James R Osgood & Co—  loc_nk.00427_large.jpg  loc_nk.00248_large.jpg letter from Osgood & Co | May 4 '82  loc_nk.00249_large.jpg
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