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James R. Osgood to Walt Whitman, 12 May 1881

 loc_nk.00264_large.jpg Dear W Whitman

Your letter of May 8 reached here during my absence.

Please send on the copy as soon as you can and we will make careful estimate as to its size, style etc. and give you our views. So far as I understand it, this proposed new edition will supersede all other previously published volumes—am I correct? And please tell me if the plates of the  loc_nk.00266_large.jpg  loc_nk.00265_large.jpgoriginal "Leaves of Grass" as published by Thayer and Eldredge​ so many years ago are still in existence.

I am sorry I was absent from Boston during your visit: I should have been glad to renew the acquaintance I had with you in the old Pfaff days.

Yours truly James R. Osgood Walt Whitman Esq  loc_nk.00267_large.jpg  loc_nk.00244_large.jpg May 12 '81  loc_nk.00245_large.jpg
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