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Walt Whitman to John Fraser, 27 November 1878

Dear Sir

Mr Child tells me you would like a piece from me for the Tobacco Plant.1 Will this do? The price is $12—(? two pounds eight shil​ )—

If you print it I hope you have a good proof reader, & that he will be very particular with it—

Walt Whitman

Also please send me three copies, & direct a copy each to

  • Wm M Rosetti 56 Euston Sq London n w
  • Thos: Dixon 15 Sunderland st. Sunderland
  • Prof: Edward Dowden, Temple Rd. Winsted, Rathmines, Dublin
  • Rafe Leycester, Toft, Knutsford, Country Cheshire
  • Edward Carpenter, 45 Brunswick Sq. Brighton
  • J A Symonds, Clifton Hill House, Bristol
  • Robt Buchanan, Editor Light, London
  • Alfred Tennyson, Eaton Square, London
  • J Leicester Warren, 67 Onslow Sq: London s w2

P S—I am not an anti-tobacconist—On the contrary have seen how important & valuable the sedative was in the extensive military hospitals of our Secession war—Still I do not smoke or chew myself—Sometimes wish I did smoke now in my old age & invalidism—but it is too late to learn—

But my brothers & all my near friends are smokers, & I am accustomed to it—live among smokers, & always carry cigars in my pocket to give special friends who prize them—


  • 1. "Three Young Men's Death" appeared in Cope's Tobacco Plant, 2 (April 1879), 318–319. See also the letter from Whitman to John Burroughs of December 12, 1878. [back]
  • 2. At this point there was an endorsement: "6 to each sent 15/4/79." [back]
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