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Walt Whitman to Fanny Raymond Ritter, 7 February 1880

Dear Mrs Ritter1

I cheerfully consent to Professor's using the words of Two Veterans for musical publication—& also give permission for further musical adaptation of my pieces—Am curious to see how they go—Am sure I sh'd​ be impress'd and pleased—My western trip has worked well—My health is about the same as of late years—

When the music is printed—(if printed—) please send me a copy—


  • 1. Frédéric Louis Ritter set "Dirge for Two Veterans" to music; see Whitman's letters to Herbert Gilchrist of April 29, 1879, and to John Burroughs of February 21, 1880. Kenneth P. Neilson, in The World of Walt Whitman Music: A Bibliographical Study (1963), lists only one work by Ritter. [back]
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