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Vast national tracts


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Vast national tracts, (large enough for many great a swarming inland empire,) are yet entirely unpenetrated, marke —none having tra their resources ^and riches unknown.—

This vast wide wide-spread region is full of mountains.—Nature has struck out from here smoothness and monotony, and piled ridge upon ridge, chain upon chain, scattering them with prodigal profusion,colossal..—It is indeed the America of Titanic forms.— Yet there are intervals, the pastoral character is there too; of ^vast wonderful plains, hundred and even almost thousands of miles in extent.—

  [begin leaf 1 verso]   [begin leaf 2 recto] (on the same plains.) occasionally sand-dunes, encircling what might at first be supposed to be dried up lakes. The real "plains" (as in the papers "News from the plains")

The term plains is applied to the extensive cou inclined surface reaching from the base of the Rocky Mts. to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, and to the Valley of the Mississippi, and form a ^perhaps the greatest feature in Western Geography. Except on the borders of the streams which traverse the plains in their course to the valley of the Mississippi, scarcely any thing exists

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