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George Parsons Lathrop to Walt Whitman, 11 April 1881

 loc_nk.00221_large.jpg You ought to stay over till Monday, or Tuesday. My Dear Whitman,

On receipt of your card, to-day, stating the time of your intended start, I telegraphed so as to be sure to reach you with word in time. I now give you the details. O'Reilly has arranged matters at the Revere House, & you are to be a guest there during your stay. As I am not now in Boston, but out here (20 miles away), I cannot be at the station to meet you, & must therefore ask you  loc_nk.00223_large.jpg to go right to the Revere, where you will be well taken care of. I will come & see you Friday forenoon; not expecting to be in town before then. Etherige I have written to but have been too busy to see (having been away in N.Y.), & he will doubtless come to see you punctually.

Mrs. John T. Sargent (at whose house the Radical or Chestnut Street Club meets) has, I learn, issued cards for an informal reception to you on Friday at 3 P.M. This you would best go to, unless it will annoy you or in any way interfere with your comfort in lecturing that evening;  loc_nk.00222_large.jpg & bear in mind that we expect you around at the St. Botolph after the lecture, & nothing must be done which will tire you too much for that.

We have sold a fine lot of tickets.

Au revoir on Friday.

Faithfully yours GP Lathrop.  loc_nk.00224_large.jpg April '81 Letter from Lathrop ab't the Boston lecture
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