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John H. Johnston to Walt Whitman, 25 January 1882

 loc_nk.00360_large.jpg Dear Walt:

I wrote to Osgood and asked him how Leaves of Grass was selling and he rejoices my heart by saying, "It has had a fair success so far, we have printed three editions, 2000 copies in all and it is selling steadily. It is not a "boom" nor can it be regarded as likely to produce any very large results to author or publisher, at the same time it seems likely to be the source of a steady  loc_nk.00361_large.jpg loc_nk.00362_large.jpg though moderate income."

Jms R. Osgood"

I call that splendid. 2000 copies and four months not gone! Have you seen last Sunday's N.Y. Times—2½ columns headed

"Whitman Poet and Seer"

if you have not I will send you one.

We are all well.

Sincerely Yrs J.H. Johnston  loc_nk.00363_large.jpg from J H Johnston (to Osgood) Jan '82
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