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James R. Osgood & Company to Walt Whitman, 10 April 1882

 loc_nk.00410_large.jpg H1 Walt Whitman Esq Dear Sir:

We have laid before the District Attorney the alterations proposed by you. They are not satisfactory.

The argument is as follows; if there is a case against the book in its existing form it is not removed or weakened by the changes you propose. If there is no case there is no need of making these changes.

We do not attempt  loc_nk.00411_large.jpg to express an opinion on the point of whether there is a case against the original book. But we certainly do think that if there is such a case it would lie with almost equal force against the book after the modifications proposed by you have been made.

As we said at the outset we do not wish to go into court in connection with this case. Therefore as your views seem to be irreconcilable  loc_nk.00412_large.jpg with those of the official authorities there seems no alternative for us but to decline to further circulate the book. We should be open to any reasonable arrangement for turning the plates over to you.

Awaiting your reply we are Yours truly James R. Osgood & Co.  loc_nk.00413_large.jpg


  • 1. Whitman renumbered these pages in blue pencil. [back]
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