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Benjamin Ticknor to Walt Whitman, 24 May 1882

 loc_nk.00442_large.jpg Dear Mr. Whitman

Your receipt is safely received and I have mailed you the paper copy of the "Leaves.".1 I am extremely sorry for the contretemps which has caused the change, but I am very glad of opportunity I have had of personal acquaintance with you. I hope to retain your good will in spite of our compulsory business separation.

Very Truly Yours: B. H. Ticknor2  loc_nk.00443_large.jpg


  • 1. See the letter from Whitman to Ticknor of May 23, 1882. [back]
  • 2. The first sentence of this letter and the signature have been struck through by an unknown hand, and quotation marks have been added around the rest of the letter. [back]
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