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Sierra Grande Mining Company (Benjamin Shoemaker) to Walt Whitman, 20 March 1883

 loc_ad.00757_large.jpg The Sierra Grande Mining Company of Lake Valley, New Mexico.

Dividend No. 6.1

The Board of Directors have this day declared a dividend (Number 6) of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), being twenty-five cents per share, payable at the Transfer Office of the Company on and after April 2d, 1883, to the stockholders then of record. Transfer books close on March 24th, at 3 P.M., and reopen April 3d, at 10 A. M.

By order Benjamin H. Shoemaker, President Attest:—Geo. L. Smedley, Sec.  loc_ad.00756_large.jpg


  • 1. See the letter from Robert Pearsall Smith to Whitman of February 23, 1883, detailing the transferral of the referenced certificate of stock from Smith to his "friend" Whitman for remainder of the poet's life "may the which be in a far distant future!" [back]
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