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Leo Spitzer to Walt Whitman, 17 March 1891

 loc_jyc.00046_large.jpg Walt Whitman Esq No. 328 Mickel St. Camden, N.J. U.S. of A. Dear Fellow Countryman,

I take the Liberty to transmit you two marked copies for your kind perusal, if the same will prove acceptable to you gratis from myself, I shall feel highly honored & very happy. Concluding I wish you merited prosperity & a happy long life.—

I remain Fraternally as to All, Leo Spitzer. No. 352 East 52 St New York City, New York  loc_jyc.00048_large.jpg  loc_nhg.00693_large.jpg  loc_jyc.00047_large.jpg

Little is known about Leo Spitzer, who was living in New York in 1891. Spitzer published an article, signed with the same closing and address as this letter, around the same time as he wrote this letter. The article describes the February 1891 funeral procession for William Tecumseh Sherman, who served as a general in the Union Army during the Civil War. See Leo Spitzer, "William Tecumseh Sherman," The National Echo: Devoted to the Sons and Daughters of Veterans 3.3–5 (March, April, & May 1891), 7.

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