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W. J. Forbes to Walt Whitman, [1880]


Enclosed find $101 (ten dolls) will you kindly send to W.J. Forbes P.O. Box 4141 New York.

The 2 vol. Centennial Edition of your works.

If you will let me know the cost of carriage on same I will gladly reimburse you.

I should count it as a favor if you would put your autograph on the fly leaf of each  loc_ej.00921_large.jpg  loc_ej.01019b_large.jpg volume.

Excuse my thus troubling [cut away]

Respectfully W.J. [cut away]  loc_ej.00925_large.jpg


  • 1. Whitman cut this letter into pieces, pasted them together with pieces of other letters, and on the back wrote part of a prose draft titled "Poetry in America—Shakspere—the Future." What remains of this letter is not dated, but surrounding letters are dated 1880, so it is likely also from that year. [back]
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