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George E. Dodge to Walt Whitman, 4 November 1880

 loc_no.00030_large.jpg Books sent Walt Whitman Esq Camden N. J.  loc_no.00029_large.jpg  loc_ej.00922_large.jpg Dear Sir:

Encdpls​ find $10.00 to cvr amt​ due for the 2 Vols​ of your Complete Wks​ :

Pls​ do not forget to to put your autograph in each Vol​ .

RespYrs Geo. E. Dodge Care of Dodge, Meigs & Co. 72 Wall St.  loc_ej.00921_large.jpg  loc_ej.00939_large.jpg New York  loc_ej.00938_large.jpg


  • 1. This letter was crossed out and repurposed by Whitman. He cut it into pieces, pasted it to other sheets, and on the back wrote part of a prose draft titled "Poetry in America—Shakspere—the Future." [back]
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