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Ingersoll Lockwood to Walt Whitman, May [1888]

 loc_no.00040_large.jpg Mr Walt Whitman My dear Sir:

In the July issue of the Bookmaker1 of which I send you two copies, we purpose publishing a very fine pen and ink head of you, specially made for us by Mr. Frank Fowler2 the well-known artist, with a sketch of your life.3

Will you be kind enough to write on the enclosed card a few words about books, which  loc_sf.00057_large.jpg I will place under your portrait in facsimile.

I shall take pleasure in sending you copies for your friends.

Yrs very truly Ingersoll Lockwood  loc_tb.00077.jpg

Ingersoll Lockwood (1841–1918) was an American lawyer and writer. He is particularly well-known for his Baron Trump children's novels. He also wrote non-fiction under the pseudonym Irwin Longman. In 1862, Abraham Lincoln appointed Lockwood as Consul to the Kingdom of Hanover. He served in the position for four years. Lockwood was the brother of publisher Howard Lockwood.


  • 1. The American Bookmaker began in July 1885 as a monthly publication for printing and bookmaking professionals. It was published in New York by Howard Lockwood & Co. The publication underwent numerous name changes and at least one merger. When the serial ceased publication in 2011, it was known as The American Printer. [back]
  • 2. Frank Fowler (1852–1910) was an American figure and portrait painter. Originally from Brooklyn, Fowler trained in Florence and Paris before returning to the United States. He was a member of the National Academy of Design, the Society of American Artists, and the American Fine Arts Society. [back]
  • 3. Fowler's portait, along with a facsimile of Whitman's note was published in the August 1888 issue. See "Frank Fowler. Specimen of Pen and Ink Portraiture (Walt Whitman)," The American Bookmaker 7.2 (August 1888), 28. [back]
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