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Justin Huntly McCarthy to Walt Whitman, 23 September 1876

 loc_no.00312_large.jpg Dear Walt Whitman

I have received your volume and thank you heartily My Father,1 who had the pleasure of meeting you in America—which I had not, though I have lived in & love the land—and to whom you kindly gave a copy of your 'Leaves of Grass' sends his warm regards & desires to be remembered.

One of the humblest of your admirers Justin H. McCarthy  loc_no.00044_large.jpg

Justin Huntly McCarthy (1859–1936) was an Irish novelist and politician. He served as a member of Parliament from 1884 to 1892.


  • 1. Justin McCarthy (1830–1912) was an Irish nationalist, journalist, and novelist. He served as a member of Parliament from 1879 to 1900, and he was the father of Justin Huntly McCarthy (1859–1936). [back]
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