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James Curphey to Walt Whitman, 8 April 1867

 loc_jp.00032_large.jpg Sir

Your note was duly received1 with order on Mr. Gray2 for a Copy of your works.

I have satisfied myself that no copy was delivered here—had such been the case it would have come under my notice—I therefore sent your order to Mr Gray and have received from him a copy for which you have my thanks

Yours &c3  loc_jp.00031_large.jpg

Little is known about James Curphey, who was a cashier for First National Bank on Wall-Street in New York when it opened in 1863. He later became a broker and dealer in government securities at No. 1 Pine Street in the city.


  • 1. This letter has not been located. [back]
  • 2. As yet we have no information about this person. [back]
  • 3. The signature on this letter has been cut away. [back]
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