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George W. Ludwig to Walt Whitman, 23 June 1884

 loc_jp.00036_large.jpg [cut away] Mr Walt Whitman Camden N.J. D. Sir.

Kindly quote your complete works & oblige

Yours very truly Geo. W. Ludwig1  loc_jp.00035_large.jpg

George W. Ludwig (1856–1902) was a jeweler in Chambersburg, PA. He later studied medicine and was granted his M.D. by the University of Maryland in 1898.


  • 1. On the back of this letter, Whitman wrote notes for an article about himself, titled "Walt Whitman in Camden," which appeared in The Critic on February 28, 1885, under the signature of George Selwyn. It was reprinted in Authors at Home, ed. J. L. and J. B. Gilder (1888), and in Critic Pamphlet No. 2 (1898). [back]
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