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Richard Maurice Bucke to Walt Whitman, [between 1878 and 1879?]


will suit you1—I shall expect you to stay with us at least two months, and as much longer as you can—we will take some little excursions about this part of Ontario and you will see plenty to interest you I know—The moment I know whether or not I am to go to Rhode Island I shall write again

I am Faithfully yours RM Bucke2  loc.01763.001_large.jpg


  • 1. This partial letter from Richard Maurice Bucke was most likely sent between Bucke's letter to Whitman of November 4, 1877, and his letter of November 9, 1879. The Asylum moved from Hamilton to London, Ontario, in February 1877, but Bucke was still apparently using left-over stationery from Hamilton in November of that year. Whitman visited Bucke in London in the summer of 1880. [back]
  • 2. Whitman crossed out this letter and wrote a series of notes on the back. [back]
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