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Augustus W. Bomberger to Walt Whitman, September [1884?]

 loc_jc.00792.jpg To— Mr. Walt Whitman, Camden, N.J. Dear Sir:

You can[cut-away] blige me by sending me you au[cut-away] the slip of paper in the enclose[cut-away] envelope.

Allow me to remain, Yours Respectf[cut-away] A. W. Bomb[cut-away]  loc_jc.00788.jpg

Likely Augustus Wight Bomberger (1864–1916), son of the Reverend John Henry Augustus Bomberger—a theologian and the first president of Ursinus College, in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. A. W. Bomberger graduated from Ursinus College in 1882. He was the author of A Book on Birds (1912) and a collection of poetry, New Songs of Nature (1915).

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