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James Hearne to Walt Whitman, 29 December 1880

 loc_af.00112_large.jpg Mr Whitman Dear Sir,

I mailed you a check and bill some ten days ago, and up to now have not had a receipt, wont you please remit the receipt as our treasurer is very anxious to have it for audit1

Respectfully James Hearne Steward  loc_af.00111_large.jpg

James Hearne was steward of the Century Club, an exclusive club in New York City devoted to the promotion of arts and literature. Hearne was dismissed as steward of the organization in 1883.


  • 1. Whitman had sent Leaves of Grass and Two Rivulets to the Century Club at the request of Titus M. Coan. See the letter from Coan to Whitman of November 22, 1880. Whitman noted in his Commonplace Book on November 24 that the two-volume set had been sent (see Daybooks and Notebooks, ed. William White [New York: New York University Press, 1977], 213). [back]
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