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James Gordon Bennett to Walt Whitman, 23 January 1888


and in verse,1—any subject whatever that may suit your fancy can be treated. The Herald would be very willing to pay a reasonable compensation for this work, and only as much as you desire need be signed. The stanzas need not contain more than 4 to 6 lines. Enclosed are some samples, taken from the paper, which have appeared during the past week.

Very truly, James Gordon Bennett Walt Whitman, Esq. Camden, N.J.  20051228_0188.jpg

James Gordon Bennett Jr. (1841–1918) was the publisher of the New York Herald, which had been founded by his father in 1835. For more on the paper and the many poems by Whitman that were published in it, see Susan Belasco, "The New York Herald."


  • 1. The beginning of the letter as well as the enclosed samples are not extant. [back]
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