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far. Amongst this


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[cut away] far. Amongst this latter class, I shall merely recount one, which may give some idea of the extent to which Mr Ganguernet carried his passion for frolic, as well as the serious consequences sometimes attendant on these passtimes​ .

It is about three weeks since Mr Ernest de B..... invited several of his friends on a hunting party; Ganguernet was among the invited. Just as the guests arrived Ernest was sealing a letter which he had ju been writing; he placed it in the chimney piece whilst he greeted his friends with a welcome.

Ganguernet, with his usual curiosity took up the letter, and having looked at the direction—Ah, said he, you have been writing to your sister in law.

—Yes replied Ernest, in an indifferent tone; I have been giving her notice that she may expect us all to at dinner this evening at seven oclock; As our party is rather large (fifteen, I believe) I thought it prudent to give her notice, lest by taking her by surprize, we might run the risk of finding but a poor dinner.

Ernest rang the bell, and gave the note to the servant with directions to take it to the chateau of his sister in law. No one however perceived that Ganguernet left the room at the same moment.

In the course of half an hour all the party had started for the field, each choosing their different directions. Ganguernet and another ^young man of the party took the same direction.

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