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William H. Kelly to Walt Whitman, 27 August 1879

 loc_es.01388_large.jpg Whitman Esq. [cut away] Stevens St, Camden N.J.

[cut away]s received—please

[cut away] boy as stated—a

[cut away]n

[cut away] Leaves of Grass,"

Yours truly Wm. H. Kelly with Powers & Weightman1 9th & Parish Sts. Philadelphia  loc_es.01387_large.jpg

As yet we have no information about this correspondent.


  • 1. Based in Philadelphia, Powers and Weightman was one of the major drug manufacturing firms in the country during the nineteenth century. The company was a primary seller of quinine during the Civil War, and these sales made company heads William Weightman and Thomas H. Powers two of the richest men in Pennsylvania. Weightman's mansion, Ravenhill, was later incorporated into the campus of Philadelphia University. [back]
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