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Charlotte Fiske Bates to Walt Whitman, 29 August 1888

 loc_sf.00070.jpg see notes sept 5 1888 My dear Friend,

I send you this comprehensive brevity to tell you how glad I am that you are regaining your old self, and are again able to be at work.

Cordially yours, Charlotte Fiske Bates  loc_sf.00071.jpg  loc_sf.00072.jpg  loc_sf.00073.jpg Charlotte F Bates

Charlotte Fiske Bates (1838–1916) was a poet and editor. She published Risks and Other Poems (1879), a collection of around 120 poems, and she edited the Cambridge Book of Poetry and Song (1882). She contributed to numerous magazines and worked as an instructor in English at the Salisbury School for Young Ladies. She later married M. Adolphe Rogé. For more information on Bates, see American Women: Fifteen Hundred Biographies with over 1,400 Portraits, eds. Frances E. Willard and Mary A. Livermore, (New York: Mast. Crowell and Kirkpatrick, 1897), 2: 617–618.

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