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The North American Review to Walt Whitman, 10 January 1891

 loc_tb.00051.jpg Walt Whitman, Esq. Dear Sir:

Enclosed find proof of your article,1 which please read and return at your earliest opportunity.

Truly Yours, The North Am Review per t  loc.03121.001_large.jpg

The North American Review was the first literary magazine in the United States. The journalist Charles Allen Thorndike Rice (1851–1889) edited and published the magazine in New York from 1876 until his death. Whitman's friend James Redpath joined the North American Review as managing editor in 1886. After Rice's death, Lloyd Bryce (1852–1915) became owner and editor. At the time of this letter, William Rideing (1853–1918) was assistant editor of the magazine.


  • 1. This letter refers to the proof of Whitman's essay "Have We a National Literature?," which would be published in the March 1891 issue of the journal. See The North American Review 125 (March 1891), 332–338. [back]
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