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Pliny B. Smith to Walt Whitman, 16 August 1884

 loc_tb.00632.jpg Mr. Walt Whitman Dear Sir,

Inclosed please find $5[.]00 for which please send me latest edition of your poems with autograph ($3[.]00 & 'specimen days & collect ($2[.]00)

Very truly yours, Pliny B. Smith  loc_tb.00634.jpg

Pliny B. Smith (1850–1912) was a lawyer in Chicago for more than forty years. He served as the counsel for the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad for twelve years, from 1883 to 1895. He was also a member of the Chicago Public Library Board from 1887 to 1893. For more on Smith, see "In Memoriam: Pliny B. Smith," In Memory of the Members of the Chicago Bar Association who have died during the year 1911–1912 [Chicago: Printed for the Association], 1912).

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