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Bravo, Paris Exhibition!

  • Whitman Archive Title: Bravo, Paris Exhibition!
  • Whitman Archive ID: loc.00057
  • Repository: Catalog of the Walt Whitman Literary Manuscripts in The Charles E. Feinberg Collection of the Papers of Walt Whitman, 1839-1919, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
  • Box: 26
  • Folder: Bravo, Paris Exposition! (1889). A.MS. drafts.
  • Series: Literary File
  • Date: about 1889
  • Genre: poetry
  • Physical Description: 1 leaf, 21 x 27.5 cm, handwritten
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  • Content: Signed draft of a poem with a variation in line 1 from the printed version. On the verso, written in pencil: "Can you use this? Put it under the "Personal" head like you did a year ago? "The price is $10, which please send me by mail here." In ink is the start of another sentence: "If you don't want it." The poem was published under the title "Bravo, Paris Exposition!" in 1889.

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