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Hicks (1748–1830)

  • Whitman Archive Title: Hicks (1748–1830)
  • Whitman Archive ID: loc.03677
  • Repository: Catalog of the Walt Whitman Literary Manuscripts in The Charles E. Feinberg Collection of the Papers of Walt Whitman, 1839-1919, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
  • Series: Notes and Notebooks
  • Date: about 1888
  • Genre: prose
  • Physical Description: 1 leaf, handwritten
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  • Content: Notes on the life dates of various famous figures. Whitman used this information for "Notes (such as they are) founded on Elias Hicks," an essay that was first published in November Boughs (1888) and later reprinted in Complete Prose Works (1892). The fragmentary names at the top of the list are those of Thomas Jefferson and Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi. Whitman planned to write an essay about Elias Hicks for many years. While finishing preparations for the printing of November Boughs, Whitman told Horace Traubel, "Some of these bits were written as many as thirty years ago. Some of them I have written within the past year. They are a miscellaneous lot but they all belong in the same stream." (See Traubel, With Walt Whitman in Camden, 2: 42.) The present manuscript is stored together with many other manuscripts on the topics of Elias Hicks and Quakerism. Those that directly contributed to the published essay are described separately. Those whose relationship to the published essay are unclear are not included at this stage of our work.

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