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Richard Maurice Bucke to Walt Whitman, 19 January 1880

 man_ej.00021_large.jpg My dear Walt

I am going to ask a great favor of you—I want you to write me a sketch of your interior life—especially in relation to the conception and elaboration of "Leaves of Grass" The germanancy and path of such a product as "Leaves of Grass" is a psycological expression almost unique in the history of the race and some record of it ought to remain if possible—I need not explain any further what I want from you for you will understand at once what I mean and you must surely have  man_ej.00022_large.jpgoften thought of putting it upon record1

I hope that you will take this matter into serious and favourable consideration

And I am Faithfully yours R M Bucke


  • 1. Apparently Whitman responded only by sending Bucke a list of materials to use in writing the biography (see the letter from Whitman to Bucke of February 3, 1880). [back]
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