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Frederick Locker-Lampson to Walt Whitman, 3 July 1880

 man_ej.00083_large.jpg My dear Friend

I write you one line to ask you if you can do me a little favour.1 I possess Walter Scott's poem of "Harold the Dauntless," in Walter Scott's own hand writing, & one or two leaves of the precious MS​ are unfortunately lost. A few of my friends, who are poets, have been pleased to do honour to themselves & to Scott, & they have Copied in the missing lines of the poem. Would you kindly write in one stanza of nine lines. I have marked the exact place where they are to come. A Tennyson, Longfellow, Emerson, Whittier, Holmes, Browning, & a few others, English & American Poets, have already written in their share, & the book is nearly complete. I wish I could send you the Volume, but I hardly dare trust it by post. So I send a leaf which when you, & three or four others, have written in the Contents, will be added to the Scott. MS​ .

Pardon me for troubling you on this rather absurd subject, & for asking you for this favour


Tennyson has been at Venice. & is now in Paris. I expect him in London early next week.

Believe me Affectionate Your Friend, F Locker  man_ej.00236_large.jpg  man_ej.00085_large.jpg  man_ej.00086_large.jpg  man_ej.00087_large.jpg


  • 1. Frederick Locker-Lampson (1821–1895), an English poet, corresponded with Whitman in 1880. Locker-Lampson's daughter Eleanor married Lionel Tennyson, younger son of the poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson. [back]
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