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Walt Whitman to Franklin B. Sanborn, 14 November 1882

 mas.00002.001_large.jpg Dear friend S—

I have rec'd​ from Boston the "Life of Thoreau"2—(& suppose I am indebted to you for it—real thanks)—The telling of Life after all refuses to be put in a polish'd​ , formal, consecutive statement—better, living glints, samples, autographic letters above all, memoranda of friends &c—You have pursued this plan & the result justifies—Froude's late "Carlyle," a precious book, pursues it too—& succeeds—

Walt Whitman  mas.00002.002_large.jpg


  • 1. This post card is addressed: F B Sanborn | Concord | Mass:. It is postmarked: Camden | Nov | 14 | 5 PM | N.J. [back]
  • 2. Sanborn's Henry D. Thoreau appeared in the "American Men of Letters" series in 1882. [back]
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