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Friday, September 12, 1890

Friday, September 12, 1890

5:40 P.M. Had a 15-minute talk with W. in his room. Stormed in severe showers today, and as it still looked very dark, W. was in doubt about going out. Yet ventured forth last night, dubious as the outlook was.

"I had a note from Kennedy today," he said, "he tells me that he is inclined to print his Dutch piece in the Transcript for one reason, that he has the proof right at hand, under his own control. I guess I am not sorry at this decision." Wondered if K. would get him slip copies—would like some to distribute.

"Tom was here last night. We had quite a talk: for one thing about Ingersoll's article. I half expected to send up for it today but have not done so. Tom tells me Clifford will be there to take dinner with him Sunday at five—wants me there too. I don't know but I may go. We will do what we can to pay our proper respects." Spoke of Tom's mother, that she was "very sick, probably dying."

Told me Mrs. Davis was away in Kansas: "She has gone for a week or so."

Read him the following, which Morris gave me as "the only part" of his letter from Sarrazin not contained in my own: "In closing, let me say how much I have felt the honor you have done me in your article. It has greatly encouraged and fortified me for future work. But I fear I must hold equally true the charge of 'superfluous rhetoric'; the wish to do well is sincere enough, but there always remains something still to perfect."

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