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Sunday, April 3, 1892

Sunday, April 3, 1892

Great find tonight. The Columbus envelope spoken of in notes for March 16 does not contain old notes, but notes and one draft of a new poem, unpublished, dedicated to 1892. So far as I know the only recent formidable attempt since "Good-Bye" to write any.

  The mystery of mysteries, the crude and hurried ceaseless 
  flame, spontaneous, bearing on itself.
The bubble and the huge, round, concrete orb! A breath of Deity, as thence the bulging universe unfolding! The many issuing cycles from their precedent minute! The eras of the soul incepting in an hour, Haply the widest, farthest evolutions of the world and man.  
  Thousands and thousands of miles hence, and now four 
  centuries back,
A mortal impulse thrilling its brain cell, Reck'd or unreck'd, the birth can no longer be postpon'd: A phantom of the moment, mystic, stalking, sudden, Only a silent thought, yet toppling down of more than walls of 
  brass or stone.
(A flutter at the darkness' edge as if old Time's and Space's 
  secret near revealing.)
A thought! a definite thought works out in shape. Four hundred years roll on. The rapid cumulus—trade, navigation, war, peace, democracy, 
  roll on;
The restless armies and the fleets of time following their 
  leader—the old camps of ages pitch'd in newer, larger areas,
The tangl'd, long-deferr'd eclaircissement of human life and 
  hopes boldly begins untying,
As here to-day up-grows the Western World.  
  (An added word yet to my song, far Discoverer, as ne'er before 
  sent back to son of earth—
If still thou hearest, hear me, Voicing as now—lands, races, arts, bravas to thee, O'er the long backward path to thee—one vast consensus, 
  north, south, east, west,
Soul plaudits! acclamation! reverent echoes! One manifold, huge memory to thee! oceans and lands! The modern world to thee and thought of thee!)
Original manuscript of the poem "A Thought of Columbus"

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Manuscript of poem from March 16, 1892
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