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Diary of Edmund Gosse: Sat. Jan. 3

By the ferry over to Camden. Walt Whitman's modest little house (W. Whitman) on the plate. Hobbled half way down stairs. Uncarpeted room with bright outlook on to the street. Stove whe he constantly attended to. Long white hair, open shirt, broad white hat lying around. Genial manner. "My friend." Spoke of Swinburne & Tennyson. Most kind. Head from behind like Darwin. Bought a book. He read me a new poem, intoning it, not very distinctly. Miss Smith & her friend, Boston enthusiasts, came in. Whitman consulting us about a preface & a portrait. He talked of his "barbaric yawp" smilingly. Great sense of "the calm within, the light around, & that content, etc." The boys, lovely days when he was young, & about with "the boys" in the sun. Bathes now, and lies in the sun, in a N. J. brooklet in summer. Love of the sun. Portrait of Harlan. Likes to walk about in Philadelphia.

In the afternoon, walked south. At 6 went to 222 Washington Square to dine with H. H. Furness. (Miss Irwin, Miss Logan.) Shakespeare's gloves. Quartos. Furness extremely deaf. With him to Fortnightly Club at Dr. Whister's. (Minister Welsh, Leidy, C. H. Hart, Dr. Furness [illegible] Mrs. Whister.) Back at 11 to Continental Hotel. Call on Barrett in his room. (Handy, Burr.) Went at 12 to Journalist's Club. Barrett, Boker & I the guests. Card tricks, songs, table-rapping. Stayed till 2. Back to hotel with Barrett. He very tired with 9 performances.

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