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Walt Whitman Home Again



After an absence since last August Walt Whitman returned yesterday to his home in Camden, from a long and varied journey through the Central State​ of the Union. His travel has been mainly devoted to Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri, but he has made visits to four or five other States. His objects of especial attention have been the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains and the Mississippi River, with their life, scenery and idiosyncracies. Of the west generally he says not the half has been told. He is in love with Denver City, and speaks admiringly of Missouri and Indiana.

Going and coming, largely by different routes and with side excursions, Mr. Whitman has travelled over 5000 miles, and considers the trip the most valuable revelation of his life. He has not yet written out his impression and notes, but will soon do so. After some pretty rugged experiences, and a tedious fit of sickness, he returns to Camden in his average health, and with strength and spirits "good enough to be mighty thankful for," as he expresses it.

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