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Walt Whitman to the Editor of The North American Review, ? December 1886

If the War Memoranda piece is in Jan. number, please send me three numbers.1

Walt Whitman Camden, New Jersey

The North American Review was the first literary magazine in the United States. The journalist Charles Allen Thorndike Rice (1851–1889) edited and published the magazine in New York from 1876 until his death. Whitman's friend James Redpath joined the North American Review as managing editor in 1886. After Rice's death, Lloyd Bryce (1852–1915) became owner and editor. At the time of this letter, William Rideing (1853–1918) was assistant editor of the magazine.


  • 1. Since "Some War Memoranda. Jotted Down at the Time" appeared in the January 1887 issue of The North American Review, this note was probably written in December 1886. [back]
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