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Walt Whitman to John A. Scott, 16 January 1881

Dear Sir,

Yours of Dec. 24 rec'd​ & I have thought the shortest way would be for me to send the books without further ceremony...The price is $10, or its equivalent in your currency...

Walt Whitman


  • 1. On January 16, 1881, Whitman sent the two-volume set of the 1876 edition to John A. Scott, Pembridge Villa, Southfield, London (Whitman's Commonplace Book, Charles E. Feinberg Collection of the Papers of Walt Whitman, 1839–1919, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.). The following day he forwarded a set to Miss Harriet W. Robinson in Brooklyn; see the letter from Whitman to George and Susan Stafford of January 16, 1881. [back]
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